The scientific image viewer

What is it?

CImgExplorer is a viewer for scientific intensity images. It shows intensity images as false-colour images, displays the value below the cursor, and allows zooming and selections. The histogram is shown and the false-colour scale may be tweaked to best view the required features. Automatic histogram optimisation is possible, basic analysis filters like intensity conversion of multichannel images and Gaussian mean filter are available.


from the Sourceforge project page


Screen shot

Histogram features:

Analysis features:

Filter features:

Required libraries:
Qt GUI toolkit (≥ 4.4)
Qwt widgets
CImg template image library
GNU scientific library

To do

Restrict selections to image area. Scroll when selection is made and the cursor is moved outside the view widget.


© 2007-2009 Klaus Schneider
License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 Logo